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unceasing / непрерывный, непрекращающийся, безостановочный
имя прилагательное
continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, continued, continual, unceasing
incessant, unceasing, perpetual, inextinguishable, never-ceasing, never-ending
nonstop, unceasing
имя прилагательное
not coming to an end; continuous.
the unceasing efforts of the staff
Thus the constant, unceasing , restless legislating in the areas of crime, punishment and anti-social behaviour.
The voices of experiences he had never lived were not nearly as intense now, but they continued to ring through his mind with unceasing fervor.
Fashion is the sublime deformation of nature, an unceasing and repeated effort to reshape it.
Modernity requires constant and unceasing upheaval, and its absence does not bring blessed peace, but withering and death.
Maughan and his men let me say this: I know of few sides who don't respect teams who have pace and talent and operate in unceasing waves, with the point of attack constantly switching.
I imagine them laughing at our unceasing efforts to separate the emulations from Bruegel's own hand.
Dr. Manette goes to tend to the sister; she continues her unceasing cry for the next twenty-six hours.
Because of the unceasing generosity by the people of Waterford, Christmas was made easier for more than 1,000 families and individuals.
I am disgusted with the tactics of the Democratic Party in their unceasing effort to stifle any political discussion of substance.
The FBI treat the anti-government far right as we treat the IRA - a constant domestic terror threat that is placed under unceasing surveillance.