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uncaring / невнимательными
имя прилагательное
not displaying sympathy or concern for others.
an uncaring father
I found myself speaking to a different person: ice cold, uncaring , dismissive.
Your youngster may feel it is hopeless to try to be good, that he is doomed to be uncaring like the father, or selfish like the mother.
We are not on our own in a cold, uncaring universe.
He threw the cloth toward the ever-present fire, uncaring of whether it landed in the flames or on the floor.
The raven cawed playfully uncaring of its master's irritation, and leapt unto a stack of scrolls.
Agape laid in d' Armano's arms, uncaring of the surroundings, his bare feet falling down into my lap.
I know this sounds callous and uncaring of those victims who suffered abuse at the hands of priests and religious.
A turtle lazily munched on the coral, oblivious and uncaring of my presence, or the flashes emanating from my camera.
Autumn's idea of musical harmony was recklessly playful and noisily uncaring of delicate fragility.
She had been lying in her bed, uncaring of the late hour and what the servants might think.