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unbuild / сносить, разрушать, размагничивать
demolish, take down, raze, tear down, suffer, unbuild
destroy, ruin, break, break down, disrupt, unbuild
demagnetize, degauss, unbuild
demolish or destroy (something, especially a building or system).
We now need institutions and policies that will unbuild that.
We now need institutions and policies that will unbuild that.
The Swiss adventurer hopes to fly his as yet unbuilt , unproven solar-powered plane around the globe in stages, hopscotching the globe using designated landing sites.
So by building it and finding out whether it works or not, actually lends a great deal of credibility to the yet unbuilt Analytical Engine, which is the true big forerunner of the modern computer.
They all would be installed in four adobe buildings, as yet unbuilt , which Judd commissioned Horn to design in the late '80s.
The lands which are subject to this tax are basically unbuilt , idle lands and non-business lands owned by firms, and excess residential lands beyond the permitted ceiling.
40 projects, both built & unbuilt , from the recent Urban Space by Design competition are included in this exhibition.
Some 100 or so practices were invited to send on-the-boards material for this issue, with the stipulation that projects had to be unbuilt , but viable.
The concern in our region is the pressure on and potential loss of our natural and unbuilt areas.
Like Allan Greenberg's, my own firm's projects for tall buildings are so far unbuilt .
Planning permission on 44,000 unbuilt houses will run out at the end of this year, followed by a further 36,000 houses next year.