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unbroken / непрерывный, целый, необъезженный
имя прилагательное
continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, continued, continual, ongoing
whole, entire, all, full, integral, unbroken
unbroken, unbacked
имя прилагательное
not broken, fractured, or damaged.
an unbroken glass
Doctors are worried because the gene causes the spread of MRSA between healthy people with unbroken skin who would not normally be expected to pick up infections in this way.
During the film's last act, when Connie has to engage in an almost unbroken crying jag, Arthur's genius at being simultaneously funny and touching keeps the gag from becoming tiresome.
A stand-up ride on an unbroken wave is the ultimate goal for the beginner.
One can either produce for the foal market or produce the three year old either broken or unbroken .
MMA can also be absorbed through even unbroken skin, do permanent damage to the nail's molecular structure and be further absorbed into the body.
When buying the sienna-coloured root, examine it and make sure the skin is unbroken , that there are no mouldy spots and that the smell is fresh.
The Hoveringham has one long unbroken hold before a stern mast and small wheelhouse at the stern.
Since the 1840s there has been an unbroken link between horses and Victoria's Bogong High Plains.
The skin is unbroken , but Michael can tell just by the feel that things aren't right inside.
He ran a hand along his chest and side, again and again, but was amazed to find only smooth, unbroken skin.