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unbounded / неограниченный, безграничный, беспредельный
имя прилагательное
unlimited, unbounded, unrestricted, indefinite, absolute, illimitable
boundless, limitless, unlimited, infinite, unbounded, borderless
boundless, unlimited, infinite, limitless, spaceless, unbounded
имя прилагательное
having or appearing to have no limits.
the possibilities are unbounded
The marketplace, full of unbounded sounds and sights, is opposed to the closed rooms of Romola's blind father.
He devoured ideas with an insatiable curiosity and then pursued them with unbounded energy and infectious enthusiasm.
Their praise of the institution is almost unbounded in places.
His beneficence has not been unbounded and infinite; it has been bartered and exchanged for man's deeds.
Alain, who lives in the Paris region, belongs to a group of historians who have an unbounded admiration for and devotion to the memory of the Emperor Napoleon.
So divinity being infinite, unbounded , eternal, beyond space and time, is not a he or a she, it's a field of intelligence.
Instead the boom was widely celebrated as evidence of a new era of unbounded prosperity.
Blake used this device to imply endless repetition and thus unbounded openness - the infinite.
A benign interpretation is that financial markets now have unbounded faith in central bankers to keep inflation down in the longer term.
This was the unbounded power of eloquence - of words - of burning noble words.