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unbolt / отпирать, снимать засов
unlock, unbolt
снимать засов
open (a door or window) by drawing back a bolt.
He folded the schedule up neatly and put it in one of the pockets sewn into his cloak before unbolting the door and opening it.
Fibbers' sudden demise had caught us out, but the staff did unbolt the doors and let one get changed inside.
Sarah Robinson, from Selby, has joined the custodial team at the tower and one of her first jobs has been to unbolt the door to the medieval chapel, which lies above the entrance to the tower.
The other maid, Jane, rushed to unbolt it, struggling to pull the heavy doors toward her.
I was surprised they didn't call a locksmith to come unbolt my door from its hinges.
Only, Andy didn't unbolt the door like I said to, which made me start to worry, not only about him, but also about me, for who knew how long I could actually stay here without getting killed.
He says he was bitten as he tried to unbolt a gate to get the dogs out.
Similarly, scared by the fire alarm, the heroine decides to ‘unbar, unbolt , unlock, and open’ the door and cross the space that separates her from Lovelace.
People were locked in the Loo, unable to unbolt the door.
His eyes were downcast as he stepped over to unbolt the gate.
‘This ability ‘, Doyle stated publicly, ‘to unbolt locked doors is undoubtedly due to Houdini's mediumistic powers and not to any normal operation of the lock.’