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unbleached / небеленый, неотбеленный
имя прилагательное
unbleached, brown
имя прилагательное
(especially of paper or cloth) not made whiter or lighter by a chemical process.
unbleached cotton
These are pieces of unbleached paper backed with a vegetable-based adhesive which you stick over facial lines.
Add 1 cup water and 1.25 cups unbleached white flour to 2 cups starter.
The compost consisted of the EarthShell plates and bowls, unbleached paper napkins, fiber trays, biodegradable trash bags, and food from a federal agency's cafeteria, plus leaves and grass clippings.
Stonyfield added a ninth flavor, Creme Caramel, and made the switch from plastic to lightweight, unbleached paper pints bearing new, bolder graphics.
On each cookie there was an ingredient list that was contained items as peculiar and exotic as ‘Organic unbleached flour’, ‘Eggs’ and ‘cane sugar’.
Buy organic produce, unbleached paper products and greener cleaners; skip weed killer and bug sprays.
Look for organic, unbleached , untreated cotton.
Re-strain through fine wire mesh or unbleached muslin cloth.
Kraft pulp is still used, in bleached and unbleached forms, for such products as paper bags, milk cartons, and paper cups.
A tightly woven unbleached cotton curtain, still a significant ecological step above vinyl, can be purchased from fellow retailer Planet Natural for only $31.95.