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unbidden / непрошеный, незваный
имя прилагательное
unbidden, unwelcome, unasked, unsought, uncalled-for
uninvited, unbidden, self-invited, uncalled-for
имя прилагательное
without having been commanded or invited.
unbidden guests
I was surprised by what I recalled, by the level of detail that came back unbidden - memories that had been sitting in a cell somewhere waiting for the right sequence of electricity to light them up again.
In addition, the waiting staff embark on informal rounds of random sushi delivery, bringing plates of tempura and sashimi unbidden .
That image just seems to have appeared unbidden in his fevered little fantasy about nefarious Anti-American Red Cross workers with foreign sounding names.
Bacardi is one of the most instantly recognizable brands in the world; think of rum and the ubiquitous ‘bat’ symbol pops up unbidden .
Anyway, on one particular occasion that's floated unbidden into my memory today, I was allowed to go off over the park and up to the main road with Johnny-next-door, just so long as I behaved myself.
The unbidden thought sent heat flowing into her cheeks, and she almost laughed aloud.
If I didn't subscribe, I wouldn't buy this issue - as it was, it arrived unbidden , so I had to see it sitting on my coffee table without having been sufficiently prepped for the horror.
And a whole lot of people were inconvenienced over the weekend when ravers arrived unbidden on land near Foxhill.
Skeleton House, pays homage to the shantytowns and favelas that sprout up unbidden on the outskirts of the world's major cities.
Tears sprang reflexively, unbidden , and cautious he opened his eyes again, to the excruciating light.