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unbending / непреклонный, негнущийся, нецеремонный
имя прилагательное
inflexible, adamant, inexorable, unbending, relentless, uncompromising
rigid, inflexible, unbending
unbending, shirt-sleeve
имя прилагательное
strict and austere in one's behavior or attitudes.
they were unbending in their demands
make or become straight from a bent or twisted form or position.
I had trouble unbending my cramped knees
unfasten (sails) from yards or stays.
At daylight, we were driven down to the marine to unbend the sails and do other necessary work on the Cruisers that had captured us.
A highly publicised investigation of Hollywood in 1947 resulted in prison sentences for a group of unbending witnesses, writers and filmmakers who came to be known as the ‘Hollywood Ten’.
How do people develop such a ghastly attitude, such an unbending devotion to rules?
For his admirers that clear vision was reflected in his unbending refusal to consider ‘a betrayal of the great principle for which we have been fighting for the last 30 or 40 years.’
I love shuffle and I have a fairly unbending rule that I don't look at the display and I don't fast forward.
Patnaik was an unbending man with firm convictions.
Pyongyang's unbending attitude only makes it even more difficult to resolve the dispute through peaceful means.
Those are the words of her husband - and they provide a tantalizing glimpse into the private life of a man whose public demeanor was that of an unbending , ruthless soldier.
Such an unbending position was his ‘obligation’ to the public.
If Beijing sticks to its unbending attitude on the textbook issue, Japan and China will never be able to resolve the dispute.
The unbending Presbyterian Scots, refusing to set foot in a pub, retaliated by building the stern little post office that still stands on the opposite corner.