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unbelieving / неверующий
имя прилагательное
unbelieving, unbeliever, faithless, irreligious, disbeliever, infidel
имя прилагательное
not believing someone or something; incredulous.
Drew could only stand there, wide-eyed and unbelieving
The pale man looked at the change in his hand and then unbelieving up at the assistant.
I have known people on the verge of surgery for cancer or bypass surgery who have been declared healed by their unbelieving doctors.
I blinked, unbelieving , at a churning mass of flames fully 2000-ft across.
Suzan stood there in complete silence, unbelieving , a red hand mark evident on the taller girl's face.
He was met with an unbelieving public that refused to elect him.
The entire neighbourhood had gathered, quite unbelieving of the charge.
Yet every year when Bolton applies for city status and fails, everyone throws their arms up in unbelieving despair.
He systematically builds up the suspense until ultimately the ending comes upon you surprisingly, almost shockingly, leaving you cold and unbelieving .
Unbelieving , wide-eyed tourists pressed their noses up to the cage to get a better look.
Unbelieving , he emailed the casino then emailed them again.