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unbelief / неверие, безверие, недоверие
имя существительное
disbelief, unbelief, infidelity
mistrust, distrust, disbelief, discredit, unbelief, misfaith
James has in a sense opened up to view an important part of the struggle between belief and unbelief in modern culture.
He did rebuke them but it was usually for unbelief and pride.
His presence or absence is in belief or unbelief , and each of the two, once acquired, will necessarily be affirmed by all observations.
the darkness of unbelief
In adopting this stance one concedes that the rightness or propriety of belief and unbelief depends upon the outcome of a certain inquiry.
He promised a saviour who would carry the sin, selfishness, unbelief , disease, grief, sorrow and fear of death on Himself and Destroy that fear, for Good.
Naturally there are consequences to both belief and unbelief .
Clearly, a measured discussion of the relationship between churches, belief and unbelief , and public life is in order.
He is the divine healer who wants us to receive the greatest healing of all: freedom from unbelief and mistrust in his goodness and his perfect plan.
He told me that during the talk I had literally hammered nails into the coffin of his unbelief in God - and into the coffin of his belief in evolution.