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unbeknown / неизвестный, неведомый
имя прилагательное
unknown, strange, obscure, unheard, nameless, unbeknown
unfamiliar, unbeknownst, unbeknown
имя прилагательное
without the knowledge of (someone).
unbeknown to me, she made some inquiries
All unbeknown to 16-year-old Tan, the little Lakeland Terrier from Nottinghamshire, she was about to be named ‘special friend’ of the year.
They even let people vote without identification - although, unbeknown to the voters, they then marked their ballots as invalid.
Meanwhile, unbeknown to them, Mr Prescott had been busy scribbling in hidden corners, using this ill-gotten time to pen legislation that will make his name an abomination to all who cherish freedom.
But unbeknown to his family, he had packed extra items in his work bag including socks, a pair of trainers and some hair gel.
But unbeknown to the Japanese, Soviet leader Josef Stalin had promised Washington and London that he would attack Japanese forces within three months of Germany's defeat.
Sometime during the middle of our rally, unbeknown to many of us, the Destiny cavalry turned up.
When he returned home she said he continued to tinker with the bike but, unbeknown to her, he then went out on it.
I've even seen her reading someone else's book unbeknown to the chappie who was reading it first-hand; she must have read a good chapter or so of it.
In the meantime, unbeknown to the French, the British and Germans were cooking up their own plan.
But, unbeknown to his grieving colleagues above, the plucky soldier had managed to discover a pocket of air - after making an amazing 90 ft dive completely unaided.