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unbeaten / непревзойденный, непроторенный, небитый
имя прилагательное
unsurpassed, unbeaten, unexcelled, matchless, inimitable, nonpareil
unbeaten, pathless, trackless
имя существительное
не испытавший поражения
имя прилагательное
not defeated or surpassed.
they were the only team to remain unbeaten
The 10-11 favourite maintained his unbeaten record over fences as he beat Scots Grey by six lengths.
Kill maintained their unbeaten home record with an emphatic victory over a gallant Ballyteague.
The long unbeaten record is history now, but a great degree of praise should go to Crystal Palace on the night for their courage in extremis.
In the Under 14's, they continue their unbeaten record by defeating Everygreen.
Against all the odds an unbeaten home record had been preserved, while in turn Cork City had held on to their unbeaten away record.
In the Ladies Evening League division two, Bishopthorpe nearly lost their unbeaten record being held to a draw at home to Rowntree Park.
When Kelly left the ring he put aside his celebrations to demand a re-match against Keith Knox, the man who snatched his unbeaten record.
The intermediate league winners maintained their unbeaten record and had a most convincing win over Eire Og on Sunday last.
Cobh came here with an unbeaten record and a reputation well deserved, and they looked the part as they tore into the game in the early stages.
Dave Taylor struggled in his game but eventually won on the pink and finally Brian Shipley retained his unbeaten record in bizarre fashion.