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unbar / отодвинуть засов, открывать, открыть
отодвинуть засов
open, uncover, discover, reveal, unfold, unbar
open, unblock, turn up, broach, unbar
remove the bars from (a gate or door); unlock.
The doors were unbarred , opened and sunlight flooded into the gloom.
Okay, so I'm going to try to get through the window, and you guys have to hold on to my ankles, and then I'll unbar the door so we can get out.
Similarly, scared by the fire alarm, the heroine decides to ‘ unbar , unbolt, unlock, and open’ the door and cross the space that separates her from Lovelace.
The guard at the gate made no move to unbar it, however.
Hark got a ladder and set it against the chimney, on which I ascended, and hoisting a window, entered and came down stairs, unbarred the door, and removed the guns from their places.
The head evil one shouted out some command, and the door was unbarred and then opened.
The Landlord unbarred the door.
The doors were unbarred , opened and sunlight flooded into the gloom.
So with no one else in the room and Rana sleeping, her door was unbarred .
The Moon rose to meet his daughter, the star Ishtar, and the Queen unbarred the door to the tower.
She unbarred the front door and walked out into the cool air, glad to be out of the building.