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unbalance / развинченность
имя существительное
выводить из равновесия
unbalance, upset, overbalance
лишать душевного равновесия
make (someone or something) unsteady so that they tip or fall.
I managed to wiggle underneath them all, dislodging those on the very top by unbalancing the unsteady column.
имя существительное
a lack of symmetry, balance, or stability.
The accumulation of wealth in the western society and no children of homosexuals to inherit them will cause an unbalance someday.
We have identified the psychosomatic traits in modern medicine linked to the reversible unbalance of qi, blood, and body fluid in ill-health.
A high-ranking shihan commits a slight error of timing during his performance and fails to unbalance or even touch his uke.
No matter how it's played, though, Rabbit Run exists in a very compelling state of continual unbalance .
But we had a lot of grip with the car and a little bit of an unbalance .
Someone I won't get defensive with, because getting defensive is a sign of unbalance for me.
If you have moved to the side of the opponent you can spin, throw, trip, take down, unbalance or control him, or just continue your attack from this position of advantage.
The slight unbalance and distraction (here a loud shout or kiai could also be added) weakens the grab, something that facilitates forcing your arms upwards.
But I refer to the teachings - and the unbalance this has caused in our lives - the focus I cannot maintain and still be an official.
When motion occurs, the situation is dynamic and an unbalance of forces is present.
He broke from the gate rather hard on his front feet, causing unbalance on his part.