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unawares / врасплох, неожиданно, нечаянно
by surprise, unawares, at unawares
unexpectedly, surprisingly, all of a sudden, unawares, overnight, all at once
accidentally, unintentionally, by accident, unwittingly, unawares
without being aware of a situation.
it will be flagged so that people don't stumble on it unawares
And if a nasty little new variant leaps out of the Fujiaan province of China to catch the experts unawares I'm not going to blame them.
Waiting for the train, she glances surreptitiously through the commuters at the lovely young thing walking down the platform unawares .
the photographer had caught her unawares
On the off chance that my jokes are so old that a whole new virgin generation has sprung up unawares , here are a couple of sillier ones.
The soup inside the shengjian mantou can be quite hot and those who dive in unawares can expect to burn their tastebuds something fierce.
Materialism traps us, unawares , in a world of possessions hag-ridden by irrational fears of likely loss and lurking dangers.
it will be flagged so that people don't stumble on it unawares
We have an idea of how something will happen, good or bad, that for a few brief moments things will go our way, then something will jump up unawares and throw things off course.
He is like the hapless pedestrian about to turn unawares face first into an expertly placed custard pie.
To be sure, Dan Rather's half-hour broadcasts venture unawares into the realm of outsider art.