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unavoidable / неизбежный, неминуемый
имя прилагательное
inevitable, unavoidable, inescapable, necessary, ineluctable, unpreventable
inevitable, unavoidable, unpreventable, impendent, pending
имя прилагательное
not able to be avoided, prevented, or ignored; inevitable.
the natural and unavoidable consequences of growing old
Drivers will face unavoidable delays while work is carried out on a new roundabout in Witham.
As we have 2 in our dept and others in the same building, its been pretty much unavoidable all day really.
Like most of us, Manne was glad to be released from the unavoidable burdens of anticommunism.
The courts are not always good at distinguishing between preventable and unavoidable deaths.
The police said straightaway, without investigation, that the accident was unavoidable .
Violations are more and more resented in places where previously they had been ignored or seen as unavoidable .
The issue of succession necessitated by Dewar's death is painful but unavoidable .
We thought long and hard about involving other people, but we thought it was necessary and unavoidable .
Nevertheless, it was unavoidable , and apparently produced despair in the members of the workshop.
The provision of emergency cover is a growing problem and an unavoidable consequence of specialisation.