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unauthorized / неразрешенный, самовольный, неправомочный
имя прилагательное
unauthorized, unresolved, unallowed, off-limits
unauthorized, self-willed
имя прилагательное
not having official permission or approval.
unauthorized access to the computer system
They're charged with conspiracy, computer fraud, wire fraud, and possession of unauthorized access devices.
This statute would prohibit unauthorized access into a computer or computer system.
Remember, churches have a lot of sensitive data that we don't want unauthorized people to access.
Triple DES is used to prevent unauthorized access to information.
The court reasoned that using the userid and password in violation of a contractual provision was an unauthorized access.
The goal is to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to secure areas by posing as employees.
Cuba is cracking down on unauthorized use of the Internet by prohibiting access via the government phone service.
The locked box may be an operating system using a secure file system to protect data from unauthorized access.
Four other bishops were detained for refusing to join the official church or conducting unauthorized services.
American Airlines disclaims any liability in the event that any third party gets unauthorized access to your personal data.