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unattractive / непривлекательный
имя прилагательное
unattractive, uninviting, unsavory, frumpy, unlovable, unlovely
имя прилагательное
not pleasing or appealing to look at.
They sound fuzzy and unattractive ; their songs simply aren't memorable.
I pressed the ‘Door open’ button and a not unattractive older woman bounded in between me and my prize trolley.
On the face of it, the simplicity of the concept may sound unattractive , but flesh in some details and the picture changes significantly.
The unattractive feature of this approach is that it will sometimes involve punishing the blameless.
I could claim to be a model (admittedly only to people that have never seen how hideously unattractive I am).
He said that the new plant would be added to the existing canning complex and would be built on an unattractive piece of land in the site, known by workers as the old coal tip.
They say the world demand for aggregates has halved since the inquiry, making the development economically unattractive .
Time after time I had withstood complete turmoil within me, constantly asking myself why I was so ugly and unattractive .
It seemed like an unattractive proposition for audiences and ultimately box office sales.
Analysts said that the bank could not perform well compared to other banks because of all the unattractive red tape.
But Dublin also had a number of unattractive features that had the potential to turn away investors.