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unassisted / без помощи
имя прилагательное
без помощи
имя прилагательное
not helped by anyone or anything.
medically unassisted births
It chokes me up a bit when I come back now and he is busy getting his own breakfast and putting on his uniform unassisted (I have to applaud Grandma there) and then he charges out the door eagerly.
We easily see the united lustre of them, though the light of no one of the single stars could have affected the unassisted eye.
Physical (he recorded 55 unassisted tackles in 1999), Rumph has excellent coverage skills, and reacts well to the ball.
There had been a few other occasions when Advocaat's team might have scored unassisted .
My only option is to schedule a repeat c-section or give birth at home unassisted .
All the while, an astute farm boy from Kansas named Robert Bradley was noting a simple phenomenon: farm animals deliver their young unassisted yet rarely have complications in birth.
He had seven unassisted tackles (which led the team), forced a fumble and recorded the only sack.
Episiotomy is used more often in births that require the use of instruments such as forceps or suction, than in unassisted births.
The Raiders held Glover to two unassisted tackles and one assist, but it took a gaggle of linemen to shut him down.
For these women, their choice is to submit to unnecessary major abdominal surgery, attempt to find a willing midwife, or go if alone at home, unassisted .