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unarguable / бесспорный
имя прилагательное
not open to disagreement; indisputable.
unarguable proof of conspiracy
Your Honours, we say that it is plain, unarguable indeed, that the land reserved for the project fits that description.
Capitalism works because people protect their own property and it is unarguable that the easy name belongs to me.
Four diplomats winning Nobel Prizes for Literature is a remarkable enough statistic, but the list overlooks other fine writer-diplomats of unarguable quality.
This mathematical progression provides unarguable evidence of the improvement made by the white shirts in the last few decades.
Does Ms McIllroy think teachers should brainwash students with a rigid and unarguable conclusion about the unique value of specific works of literature?
However, several specimens of Isojulus preserve unarguable evidence of distinct pleurites.
I think he just thought that was an unanswerable, unarguable position - as indeed it is.
It is now clear and unarguable that there is a direct relationship between food advertising to children, poor diet, and rising levels of obesity and diabetes.
He was spelling out the future direction of American foreign policy, based on unarguable evidence of threat.
‘Fire kills’ is the banal but unarguable opening line of the introduction to John Prescott's new vision for the country's fire and rescue service.