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unapproved / неутвержденный
имя прилагательное
not officially accepted or sanctioned.
they deposit waste on unapproved sites
Layouts that do not have an underground drainage system, and are denied prompt garbage clearance because they are unapproved , have a litany of woes.
Sometimes that means having company desktops locked down and administrative rights to laptops restricted so people cannot install unapproved software on the network.
A couple of years ago, they had a very interesting enforcement accident, a fine by the FAA for improperly modifying a plane, making unapproved changes to one of their aircraft.
The FDA has had a run-in with Allergan before, condemning it for advertisements that it said suggested the drug was effective for unapproved uses.
It was feared that unapproved tests are being used to disqualify applicants for life insurance which prompted MPs to recommended a moratorium of at least two years on the use of genetic tests.
The doctor and his assistant face 87 counts, among them, distributing unapproved and mislabeled drugs and money laundering.
However, FDA is taking legal action against the firms that are selling illegal or unapproved products in the United States.
Nationally, just 4% of unrelated carers were unapproved .
The orders are filled with illegal, unregulated and unapproved products.
Yesterday corn futures on the Chicago Board of Trade were sent reeling by news that unapproved Starlink corn from the US was detected in snack foods in Japan.