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unappropriated / не предназначенный, свободный
имя прилагательное
не предназначенный
free, spare, leisure, loose, easy, unappropriated
имя прилагательное
not allocated, assigned, or taken into possession.
vacant and unappropriated land
The second point is that in situations where it is needed there is no unappropriated land available.
This means that no one is permitted to become the first user of a previously undiscovered and unappropriated physical entity.
But where do the unappropriated funds come from?
If the original Lease Price does not exceed the Lease Price payable by the incoming lessee, the outgoing Lessee would receive a refund of the Lease Deposit plus any unappropriated amount of the Total Rent.
Such making is not absorption, does not incur other languages, exports little but the traveler's shoestring budget, imports only what self can be limned, unappropriated , in the discipline of knowledge and generous attention.
In such case he is saying that since there is no unappropriated land available there can be no ‘natural’ wage, or at least it cannot be measured by the method George suggests.
Hence it follows that where workers are without access to unappropriated land - where, for example, all land is monopolized - competition for employment among workers forces their wages down to the minimum subsistence level.
It is the nucleus afforded by a vast and unappropriated country for the establishment and growth of political and religious minorities transplanted from ancient states and hierarchies.
Recall that Ponge's things remain unappropriated : Ponge does not preside over them, has no claim on them.
In addition the Reconstruction and Development Programme Fund also shows unappropriated funds of R997,3 million.