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unappealing / непривлекательный
имя прилагательное
not inviting or attractive.
the company faces some unappealing choices
But whereas we now also find the latter dated and their humour unappealing , Wodehouse remains in demand.
The choices of main courses were unappealing and didn't taste any better than they sounded.
I can report that the unappealing brown appearance was perfectly matched by the unappetising brown perfume.
The sauce was tasty, as were the ingredients, save the ham, which had an unappealing flavour.
In this story, as in many others in the collection, ambition is made more unappealing than the quiet expectation of failure.
I can't help wondering how Wood could bring himself to read as much of such a big book, so grimly unappealing to him, as he seems to have done.
Bushnell's writing has similar deadpan timing, taking the depressing and unappealing and rendering it hilarious.
There it comes sliding down the luggage ramp: flattened, tattered, stained, wonderfully unappealing .
The church, in a lot of ways, is becoming unappealing to the younger members of the generations, in its traditionalism and ceremony.
So if you've realised how unappealing walking around in the cold is, then go get warm in Teddy Hall and acquaint yourself with a little Bernard Shaw.