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unapologetic / непримирительный
имя прилагательное
not acknowledging or expressing regret.
he remained unapologetic about his decision
We are unswerving and unapologetic about our commitment to saving our native species.
He was also unapologetic about his pay package, under which he is expected to receive at least £2.5m in cash and shares this year.
The programme for that night was an unapologetic exploration of Russian romanticism spanning approximately 50 years.
Plus, they were completely unapologetic and even threatening towards us from beginning to end!
We believe that the road back for our party and our movement lies in being an unapologetic champion for progressive ideas.
We both loved it, although my love was unapologetic and his was not.
Granted, some administration spokesmen were unapologetic about the decision.
Goodman was unapologetic for his comments that came during his visit to the elementary school in North Las Vegas.
As for the rounded, tent-like look of the structure, Crawford, a Richmond resident, was unapologetic .
And it has a sort of unapologetic in your face quality, which I admire.