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unanswerable / неопровержимый
имя прилагательное
irrefutable, incontrovertible, incontestable, apodictic, unassailable, unanswerable
имя прилагательное
unable to be answered.
unanswerable questions concerning our own mortality
Rather, it presents a collection of ideas and findings by people who have been grappling with big, unanswerable questions all their lives.
If - I have to use that word again, since the messages remain mixed - this is indeed what happens, it really will be an unanswerable demonstration that the game is up for worthwhile reform under Labour.
The question, though, that I m asking, is not so much how these crimes are handled - it s more the unanswerable question of why are these crimes happening?
Yet, in our view, such problems are answerable whereas the scientific evidence for an old Earth and old universe seems unanswerable .
I'm going to ask Dick the unanswerable show business question, what works?
The unanswered questions may be unanswerable , but the attempt should be made.
The political argument for restraint is straightforward and, it seems to me, unanswerable .
The Crown's case here that they would be in an impossible position if they had to prove both dishonesty and carelessness seems to me unanswerable .
But that is unknowable, the unanswerable question.
Likewise, wherever you study, there's always the unanswerable question of whether it would have been better done somewhere else.