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unannounced / без объявления, явившийся без объявления
имя прилагательное
без объявления
явившийся без объявления
имя прилагательное
not made known; not publicized.
the company has justified its recent unannounced addition of chlorine to its water
And, although they didn't know it, their parents had decided to make the big day even more perfect by turning up for the wedding unannounced .
He showed up unannounced at the home of Copenhagen's prima ballerina and insisted he be allowed to dance Cendrillon for her.
Maybe the nastygram I sent resulted in an unannounced free month?
Part of their appeal is that spy satellites are supposed to travel over their target areas unannounced and undiscovered.
I want them to think they will get swift, unannounced and violent death.
Farm inspections under most schemes should be unannounced .
In that capacity, he also held the Secret Vote - the unannounced appropriations for the secret intelligence services.
No, when they want to bring things up they drop around unannounced for a chat.
Lancashire already has 60 lay visitors who turn up unannounced in police stations across the county to check on detainee treatment and conditions.
And staff have to practice it from time to time in an unannounced way.