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unambiguous / недвусмысленный
имя прилагательное
unambiguous, unequivocal, clear, categorical, nonambiguous, square
имя прилагательное
not open to more than one interpretation.
instructions should be unambiguous
No doubt this, not unambiguous , praise helped his triumphant return.
Having said that, I must say that a clear message from unambiguous voices is coming from Pakistan.
That's important, and it should be presented to the people in a clear, unambiguous way.
Mr Cook said the Yule River meeting delivered an unambiguous message to the Yamatji members who attended.
Add this to the incapacitation benefit, and there is a clear and unambiguous case that locking up criminals is good for the community.
The sessions on the net have been standing room only, and the message is unambiguous .
Boyce's clear demand for this unambiguous statement was transmitted to Goldsmith through the Prime Minister.
The parol evidence rule precludes extrinsic evidence when the document is clear and unambiguous on its face.
None of this evidence was wholly unambiguous , and no intention to attack was ever expressed.
His message was unambiguous in its support for a war before the United States and the world.