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unaltered / неизмененный, неизменный
имя прилагательное
unaltered, unconverted
unaltered, constant, unchangeable, immutable, invariable, permanent
имя прилагательное
remaining the same; unchanged.
many buildings survive unaltered
Other waters available for angling remain unaltered at present.
Whatever happens, it will be fascinating to see whether the French line on the defence against terror remains unaltered after this.
Although it has remained substantially unaltered since construction, it is now in need of restoration.
I came away convinced that Etosha was the greatest park I'd ever visited; an opinion that remains unaltered .
Most grounds remained unaltered in those boom years.
The relationship between government and press remains unaltered , allowing ample freedom for others to function as Dunlop did.
The extent to which most weddings have remained unaltered is as astonishing as it is depressing, and it is to our great shame that this is what most women want.
It was easy to see why Glenn wanted the land to remain open and unaltered , full of lions, people, and other wild things.
He was confident all would go well and as they got in the helicopter and took off, that confidence remained unaltered .
The profile of the event has continued to develop since then, although its style and format have remained unaltered .