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unalloyed / чистый, беспримесный
имя прилагательное
clean, pure, net, clear, unadulterated, unalloyed
unalloyed, pure, absolute, entire
имя прилагательное
(of metal) not alloyed; pure.
unalloyed copper
And the economy moved from a mixture of cotton planting and subsistence farming to the unalloyed growing, buying, and selling of cotton.
Parish schools - and by this I mean the thousands of elementary schools administered by churches across the country - remain in many eyes an unalloyed good.
For pure, unalloyed managerial anger, not manufactured, we need look no further than Graeme Souness.
In short, the government has met with such unalloyed success selling its hard line to an anxious electorate that it has rarely needed to invoke the spectre of absconding.
Further, the anxious call to adore the genius of a single artist lets this book tumble into the unalloyed hero-worship that is so frequently the pitfall of monographical studies.
Most of the tungsten used thus far in aerospace applications has been in the unalloyed form, which is much easier and less expensive to produce and fabricate.
This tactile, sensual experience was made more poignant by the knowledge that these substances were pure, unalloyed , irreducible.
First came copper, used in an unalloyed form, and then the superior alloy of copper and tin known as bronze.
Ironically, it is Spiro's unalloyed internationalism, not the New Sovereigntism, that is likely to foster U.S. rejection of international law.
The Zinc-Aluminum Foundry Alloys, like unalloyed zinc, also possess excellent resistance to corrosion in a wide variety of environments.