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unaided / без посторонней помощи, самостоятельный, лишенный помощи
имя прилагательное
без посторонней помощи
independent, separate, solo, substantive, fledged, unaided
лишенный помощи
имя прилагательное
needing or having no assistance; without help.
she can no longer walk unaided
The Queen Mother was taken to hospital yesterday in a royal Daimler and was able to negotiate the three steps into the building unaided .
Bobbie can no longer walk unaided and has difficulty talking while her sister Danni is now beginning to lose her balance and her ability to speak.
It was extremely thick - my spoon was able to stand unaided - and looked rather like baby food, but it was quite tasty.
It should be also noted that students from unaided schools perform better in competitive examinations.
Although able to walk unaided , David often has to use a wheelchair.
His condition improved until by October 1993 he could walk awkwardly, unaided .
Since then pupils have had to use the zebra crossing outside the school gates unaided to cross the busy A4 road.
The grouping of the five became visible by the unaided eye around April 20.
She can sit up straight, is able to stand unaided for short periods, and has been writing Christmas cards to her friends.
Usually, once the experts are on hand it is easy to put things right, however unappealing your unaided attempts at composting may seem.