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unadjusted / нескорректированный
имя прилагательное
(especially of figures or statistics) not adjusted or refined.
the unadjusted jobless total increased last month
The unadjusted figure, which offers less clear guidance of what is really going on, fell from 10.3% in September to 10.1% in October.
Specifically, we examine the unadjusted and market-adjusted returns earned by shareholders of CANPRIVs during the five-year period following privatization.
We determined both unadjusted and Bonferroni adjusted significance levels to account for multiple group comparisons.
The figure shows the unadjusted mortality curve over the first 30 postoperative days.
We first cumulated these returns to obtain the cumulative sum unadjusted and market-adjusted returns for the selected aftermarket time horizons.
Morey extends this work by calculating for load funds load-adjusted returns in addition to unadjusted returns.
It seems that higher ownership concentration affects risk-adjusted returns more than it affects unadjusted returns.
But Mr McQuaid believes we should look at the unadjusted figures which take into account the actual number of people signing on.
Differences between unadjusted and adjusted results were quite subtle.
Note that, in this part, all these results are based on the performance measure between model predictions and adjusted real data, not unadjusted real data.