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unaccustomed / непривычный, необычный, непривыкший
имя прилагательное
unwonted, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, strange, offbeat, new
unusual, extraordinary, odd, different, peculiar, unaccustomed
unused, unaccustomed, unseasoned, unwonted
имя прилагательное
not familiar or usual; out of the ordinary.
they finished their supper with unaccustomed speed
Others, such as the knitwear designer Edmund McNulty, take the opportunity to revel in an unaccustomed freedom from commercial considerations.
This time Craig Wilding, playing in an unaccustomed midfield role, delivered the killer ball for Jon Parkin to turn in the area and send an unstoppable shot past Paul Pettinger.
World Cup winner Roff, 25, last played sevens in Hong Kong in 1995 and made an immediate impact, playing in the unaccustomed role of prop.
I avoided his stares and finished the meal in silence, surprising Gretchen with my unaccustomed taciturnity.
Unreasonable politics and unreliable infrastructure are not however what worry the Khonoma village elders as much as the unaccustomed attention.
But he confesses to grave and unaccustomed doubts about coming to Glasgow when he received the call from his old international team boss, because he did not want to let him down.
Even so, this mixture of first and second team players, several of them in unaccustomed positions, showed real determination and got stronger as the game progressed.
Cruise the Mediterranean in unaccustomed splendour aboard the Royal Clipper, the only square-sailed full-rigged ship in the world with five masts.
Colin Bell, back on the ground where he first made his mark in soccer, limped through the game in an unaccustomed centre half role, but still had the skill to control a ball and make good use of the possession.
The likely solution could be to give David Sommeil his Premiership start of the season, either in an unaccustomed left back role or in his preferred central defensive role.