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unaccompanied / без аккомпанемента, не сопровождаемый
имя прилагательное
без аккомпанемента
не сопровождаемый
unaccompanied, unattended
имя прилагательное
having no companion or escort.
no unaccompanied children allowed
In the Codax songs, this is not helped by the fact that all seven are sung entirely unaccompanied .
But, in the upper part of the vertebral column, there may be a dislocation of the vertebrae unaccompanied by a fracture.
Near the start of my test I paused expertly to allow an unaccompanied dog to walk across the road in front of me at a zebra crossing.
There is a likelihood of rapidly increasing surface temperatures unaccompanied by strong warming in the free troposphere.
Here Yugoslavian-born piano star Bojan Z, frequently an unaccompanied solo player, joins what looks on paper like a conventional jazz trio, with Scott Colley on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums.
In the village church last night, a packed house enjoyed a stunning concert of unaccompanied choral music from the Soloists Of Saint Petersburg, who are currently in the middle of a two month tour round the UK.
Through the wall he was continually listening to the Bach G minor unaccompanied violin sonata.
Estrogen induces estrus unaccompanied by a preovulatory surge in luteinizing hormone in suckled sows.
Each is monitored by Delta staff who supervise the facility, trackflight status and escort unaccompanied minors to and from their flights.
Isn't it supposed to be a major violation of security for unaccompanied baggage to travel on a flight.