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unaccented / неударный
имя прилагательное
unaccented, weak, light
имя прилагательное
having no accent, stress, or emphasis.
his English is fluent and unaccented
The process was simple: composers strictly followed the metre of the verse, setting long, accented syllables as minims, and short, unaccented ones as crotchets.
As I walked down the corridor on the way to the elevator, the examiner called out to me, this time in perfect unaccented English: ‘Oh, Dr Clarfield.’
Then he grinned, and said in unaccented English, ‘Forever.’
Again, the preference is at least in part metrical: personal pronouns are normally unaccented , so that the uninverted pattern has an alternating accent pattern on its constituents.
This was most commonly spelled ‘Estharlyng’ at the time, and if as is probable this indicated a short, unaccented initial vowel, the aural consonance of bird's name and place name would have been closet than it is now.
Hawkins also said the intruder had an ‘African’ accent, while Walker's diction is crisp and unaccented .
‘Don't worry,’ he said to her in unaccented Japanese, ‘Jack Scott is very good, you'll be safe.’
His reply was in clear, unaccented Corinthian.
The only characters that mattered were good old unaccented English letters, and we had a code for them called ASCII which was able to represent every character using a number between 32 and 127.
For the participants who attended to intensity, the positively correlated and the unaccented baseline comparisons yielded higher sensitivity than did the other types of comparisons.