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umpire / судья, рефери, суперарбитр
имя существительное
judge, referee, magistrate, umpire, justice, court
referee, umpire
intermediary, mediator, agent, broker, middleman, umpire
третейский судья
arbitrator, arbiter, umpire, referee, judge
быть третейским судьей
arbitrate, umpire
имя существительное
(in some sports) an official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play.
But the point here is that such a play does not give umpires the mandate to reverse any call.
act as an umpire.
He was considered so good at the job he was requested to stop playing and concentrate on full-time umpiring some years back.
Up until this season the umpire closest to any suspicious or contentious incident would review the game tape and lay a charge if warranted.
Further frustration came when an equalising goal was disallowed by a contentious umpire decision.
Once the umpire had power to order parties to the negotiating table and broker a fair deal.
The government's model of collective bargaining, without an umpire and with no provision for parties to negotiate in good faith is the worst of all worlds.
The second great purpose of the monarchy is to be available as an impartial umpire above party when the nation is split by a constitutional crisis.
The plate umpire that day was Lance Barksdale, a Class AAA fill-in.
After a controversial call that went against their White Sox, Chicago fans were really giving it to umpire Red Ormsby.
Trouble flared on the third and final day of the match with Burgess wagging his finger at Lehmann, who was fielding at mid-wicket when James Middlebrook had an appeal for lbw rejected by the umpire .
In the event the two arbitrators fail to agree on an umpire either party shall have the right to submit the matter to the Canadian Arbitration Association.
It's certainly going to hit middle stump, but umpire Alim Dar makes a brilliant spot: Strauss got the tiniest of inside edges before it hit his pads.