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umbrella / зонтик, зонт, прикрытие
имя существительное
umbrella, parasol, umbel, gingham, brolly, gamp
umbrella, canopy, bumbershoot
cover, protection, front, screen, coverage, umbrella
имя прилагательное
umbrella, umbelliferous, umbellate
служить прикрытием
shelter, front, umbrella
имя существительное
a device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain or sometimes sun.
Yet as I pack a bag to hold water and umbrellas and tissue paper, I'm quite aware that the three hours will not feel like that.
a protecting force or influence.
the American nuclear umbrella over the West
a thing that includes or contains many different elements or parts.
an umbrella organization
the gelatinous disk of a jellyfish, which it contracts and expands to move through the water.
The mouth is usually on the concave side, and the tentacles originate on the rim of the umbrella .
This work is co-ordinated by a regional umbrella task force in Killarney, Kenmare, Killorglin and Caherciveen.
Evidence regarding the general lifestyle of Mr. Vancurenko in the community is not information that is protected under the umbrella of the homicide investigation.
It will provide a defensive umbrella for forces ashore in a contested theater and even on American shores themselves.
But the new plan goes much further, placing controversial American military hardware on UK soil while including Britain in its protective umbrella .
Which is the largest and most powerful protective umbrella for the forces of evil and corruption in that country?
The Americans are the umbrella that protects them from everything.
This was part of the war between Telkom and private ISPs which joined forces under the ISPA umbrella .
the American nuclear umbrella over the West
This year's line-up is spread over four nights and spans a variety of influences under the jazz umbrella .
In 1998, the Awards Program was reorganized under the umbrella of The Benjamin Franklin Medals.