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umbrage / обида, тень, сень
имя существительное
hurt, offense, insult, grievance, wrong, umbrage
shadow, shade, ghost, loom, dark, umbrage
имя существительное
offense or annoyance.
she took umbrage at his remarks
shade or shadow, especially as cast by trees.
The umbrage of the tree didn't prevent the blinding light of the sun from getting to my eyes.
Dame Angela Lansbury took umbrage at the sun and forced her large pair of Jackie O sunglasses up her nose with the palm of her hand.
Seems that some conservatives took umbrage at comments by the writer Joe Staten.
Unfortunately there was a real (fairly minor) artist named Fitzgerald who took umbrage at the book and sent his lawyers to have it pulped.
Locals took umbrage at such castigation, and echoing the responses to the Wylde affair, many sought to re-affirm the respectability of the colony in the face of accusations that could be economically and politically damaging.
While Professor Singer concentrated on Australia's performance on the international stage in his oration, protestors outside took umbrage at his past comments on the disabled.
In fact, Ms Harney took umbrage at the assertion that Moy Chocolates, the brand stocked on board the Gulfstream IV, were her favourites and wanted it made clear that she doesn't even eat chocolate.
She rested beneath the umbrage of the old oak.
Senator Vanstone took umbrage at this remark, describing his comments as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘indicative of an attitude’ at the ABC.
she took umbrage at his remarks
Still dazed, I was sitting outside under the umbrage of a tree by the entrance.