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umbra / полная тень
имя существительное
полная тень
имя существительное
the fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse.
When the Moon is fully immersed in the umbra a total lunar eclipse occurs.
Also, because the Earth has an atmosphere, the Moon never really disappears from view, since some light is scattered and bent by the atmosphere and still reaches the Moon's surface, even when it is in the umbra , or total shadow.
Reacting, the Viking threw up his shield, disappearing into an umbra of flame.
The strongest solar magnetic fields, up to 4000 gauss, are found within the umbra .
If you were in a spaceship and you passed through the Earth's umbra you would not be able to see any part of the Sun.
an impenetrable umbra seemed to fill every inch of the museum
When the Moon is fully immersed in the umbra a total lunar eclipse occurs.
For an observer standing between the Moon and the umbra cone summit the eclipse is total.
The penumbra is the transition from the photosphere to the umbra .
Our planet's shadow has two parts, a dark inner core called the umbra and a pale outer fringe called the penumbra.
At mid-totality, the Moon's southern limb is a mere 0.7 arc-minutes from the umbra 's centre.