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umber / умбра
имя существительное
красить умброй
имя прилагательное
deep-brown, umber
имя существительное
a natural pigment resembling but darker than ocher, normally dark yellowish-brown in color ( raw umber ) or dark brown when roasted ( burnt umber ).
Dark brown umber on bright yellow is featured in one Ziss painting, and purple-inflected blue set against pale green in another.
a brownish-gray moth with coloring that resembles tree bark.
The larva of the mottled umber moth is a reddish brown caterpillar that eats the leaves of oak trees and shrubs.
Methodical studies in a sketchbook show the results of stumbling various colors over a dark red composed of cadmium red and umber .
The form of the majestic eagle grew dim, flickering blurrily, until superimposed upon it appeared the image of a noble, high-browed elf with hair of dark umber .
It may be added that the dorsal spine shows brightly in the water, forming a conspicuous anterior rime to the dorsal fin, whose remaining margin, in reality of a dark umber , now appears jet-black.
Cassie can't help turning a deep shade of umber .
My hair was a deep umber , slicked back in a way that almost resembled ruffled bird feathers, and my face was angular and clean shaven, in stark contrast to the round, softened faces of the three in the diner.
However, there is an understain of reddish umber that leaks around the forms and masses.
I saw Lady Harcourt turn a rather unattractive shade of umber … she was THAT angry.
Its outer edges are layered, almost smooth, with mixed colors ranging from saddlebag tan to dark umber .
I recall seeing bundles of this bleached umber root in the markets of Kathmandu, and have watched villagers harvest it in the high pastures of Dolpo in western Nepal.
There was an umber and ozone odor, like lightning striking the loam of a farmer's field.