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ultraviolet / ультрафиолетовый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
(of electromagnetic radiation) having a wavelength shorter than that of the violet end of the visible spectrum but longer than that of X-rays.
Diode lasers are now available in discrete colors from the infrared to blue and into the near ultraviolet .
имя существительное
the ultraviolet part of the spectrum; ultraviolet radiation.
Once CFCs are released into the atmosphere, only strong ultraviolet radiation can break them down.
The 59-year-old women were both photographed with special ultraviolet cameras that captured every sun-induced blemish on their faces and another camera that recorded wrinkles.
As the temperature rises, the maximum intensity of the radiated light moves into the red, then extends through the spectrum to the ultraviolet .
We allowed systemic antihistamines, but no other systemic treatment or ultraviolet light treatment was permitted.
This is an ‘enhanced true color’ view spanning ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths.
The ultraviolet reflectance of web decorations may play an important role in sensory exploitation.
Sand on beaches, concrete pavements and snow also reflect up to 40% of the harmful ultraviolet rays.
The functional significance of vertebrate ultraviolet vision has been the focus of an increasing number of research studies over the last decade.
The ultraviolet beam of an argon laser operating at 364 and 351 nm is used to photolyze caged-nucleotide.
The escalating cost of these tools for conventional optical and extreme ultraviolet lithography is driven in part by the need for complex optical sources and optics.
The processor industry-backed company developing extreme ultraviolet lithography chip-making equipment has demonstrated its first prototype.