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ultrasound / ультразвук
имя существительное
ultrasound, supersound
имя существительное
sound or other vibrations having an ultrasonic frequency, particularly as used in medical imaging.
Echocardiography is the study of the heart using high frequency sound waves or ultrasound .
Hifu treatment uses a beam of high intensity ultrasound focused on the cancer.
The researchers found that mist emission decreased with increasing ultrasound power.
The big brother of ultrasound , infrasound means frequencies too low to be heard by the human ear.
Even at low levels ultrasound can cause jarring vibrations and a rise in temperature.
This moth, upon hearing a bat, emits ultrasound pulses at its wing beat rate to identify it to the bat.
It has a video camera eye, and several ultrasound sensors which emit pulses of sound and can measure the distance from an object by the echo.
The appendix can also be directly imaged under ultrasound using a linear transducer.
I have to take my daughter-in-law for her ultrasound
A smaller, portable machine called a Doppler uses ultrasound for intermittent monitoring.
Similar setups are used on a much larger scale for ultrasound cleaning in industry.