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ultramodern / ультрасовременный, сверхсовременный
имя прилагательное
mod, ultramodern
имя прилагательное
incorporating ideas, styles, or techniques only recently developed or available.
a wave of ultramodern architecture
With a catchy chorus, jangly guitar and staccato drumbeats, this track sounds both ultramodern and nostalgic all at once.
Not for its ultramodern architecture; we have suburban office parks from Tampa to Tacoma that can match it for glitz.
Though largely confined to NHK's Sunday night samurai drama and to reruns on late night television, the samurai film still haunts Japan's ultramodern everyday culture.
The building was designed by an American architect and features an ultramodern , snow-white exterior embedded with thin strips of multicolored lights.
The surroundings range from clubby to ultramodern .
And maybe, I too, was a little worried about the performance: an ultramodern and forward-looking interpretation of a tragicomedy about emotional desperation.
Depending on where you roam, your transportation may range from the ultramodern , like the high-speed trains of Japan, to the traditional, like the eccentric jitneys of the Philippines or the gondolas of Venice.
Straw bales for building material, solar cells for power; ancient mixes with ultramodern with sustainability as the common denominator.
She works in an ultramodern public relations firm, and her world contrasts greatly with Kristoffer and Geir's unglamorous job.
When it made the switch from Granada to SubWorld they renovated the lobby and lower lounge in that mad 60s jet-age style, and the contrast between the ultramodern public areas and the oddly archaic theater was part of its charm.