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ultimately / в конечном счете, в конце концов
в конечном счете
ultimately, eventually, finally, in the long run, in the end, all in all
в конце концов
eventually, in the end, after all, finally, ultimately, in the long run
finally; in the end.
the largest firms may ultimately become unstoppable
If you have an underlying belief that things should be perfect you ultimately define whole systems by single failures.
What ultimately makes a community is the level of connection felt between its members.
Yesterday I was in a very dark, unhappy and, ultimately , self-destructive mood.
It's not his fault that ultimately he was asked to do a job for which he is not equipped, that of being an international rugby player.
It will be yet another blow to Cheam and would ultimately tarnish the area and its image.
She hopes her gamble will pay off, that Edinburgh will be the start of a tour that may ultimately reach London's West End.
From then on the ideas planted in four parts of the area will take shape and ultimately take root.
He eventually became deputy head and ultimately headteacher of St Blaise School in Bierley.
Lest we forget though - and it is often so easily done - it is ultimately , at its very core, still just a game.
Still, there's ultimately nothing funnier to me than a good joke.