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ulna / локтевая кость
имя существительное
локтевая кость
ulna, cubit
имя существительное
the thinner and longer of the two bones in the human forearm, on the side opposite to the thumb.
All three heads run into a common tendon that crosses the elbow joint and inserts on the olecranon process on the ulna bone in the Forearm.
Bones of the forelimb and shoulder girdle in Alamosaurus, except the ulna , differ substantially from those of Titanosaurus colberti.
All were made from the ulna - a wing bone - of the red-crowned crane.
In anatomical terms, the arm is built around three bones; - the humerus in the upper arm, and the radius and the ulna in the forearm.
It may extend proximally to the ulna or medial epicondyle and have additional attachment sites.
This muscle passes transversely across the lower forearm from ulna to radius.
In addition, some tendinous bands are attached to the coronoid process of the ulna .
The authors reported on two patients who underwent hybrid procedures with suture anchor fixation in the medial epicondyle and bone tunnels in the ulna , and three patients with complete suture anchor fixation.
In the equid foreleg, radius and ulna are united, and the ulna is greatly reduced so that all weight is born on the radius.
Moving on to the ulna , which is the medial bone of the forearm, the radial notch may be seen clearly, articulating with the head of the radius at the superior radio-ulnar joint.
Most of the mastodon material was recovered from a small area, and one humerus and an ulna were articulated.