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ukulele / гавайская гитара
имя существительное
гавайская гитара
имя существительное
a small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin.
A great friend of mine bought his granny a ukulele : a four-stringed guitar.
The ukulele , the Hawaiian gift that enlivened vaudeville halls across North America and Europe in the early 20th century, has two exemplars in a glass case, next to a paragraph of dry information.
A great friend of mine bought his granny a ukulele : a four-stringed guitar.
Thus the guitar-banjo has six strings tuned like a guitar; the banjulele or ukulele-banjo is tuned like the ukulele ; the mandolin-banjo is tuned like a mandolin, and so on.
Armed only with a piano, ukulele and bass guitar, this down-to-earth and charming performer looks set to create an intimate and highly charged atmosphere on her solo tour.
In fact, Harrison's love for Hawaii, where he had a house for many years, shows through in the rhythmic ukulele strums that form many of the songs' foundations.
One of the most well-known Polynesian musical instruments is the Hawaiian ukulele .
While trying to incorporate such a wide range of influences could result in an utter mess, trying to incorporate these influences into, say, a three-minute pop song with a ukulele yields much more contained, interesting results.
Designed to sound as though a real riot was going on while it was being recorded, this 1967 cover of the Elvis classic is so thrillingly unhinged, you won't even notice the ukulele and accordion.
But in his obscurity he's free to make sparse use of gentle wurring noises and allow intermittent glitches to engulf the beauty of his ukulele and string-laden folk songs.
The extraordinary dexterity he shows on the oud, the grandfather of the guitar/banjo / ukulele etc, recalls masters like Paco Pena and Jimi Hendrix.