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uh-oh / ой-ой
used to express alarm, dismay, or realization of a difficulty.
“Uh-oh! Take cover!”
And then when we separated, I began to really study it, and I thought, uh-oh , I don't know.
This is a serious situation and all you can say is uh-oh !
Now one must assume that this new compiler must have passed the stringent new security auditing that Microsoft has made so much noise about - uh-oh !
Well, of course the lawyers went in and they looked at the contract and thought, uh-oh , it's in there, you know?
‘Um, uh-oh ,’ Charlie said, looking over to me as I sat there fuming.
Since the Bloc supported it, that means that… uh-oh … a majority of federalist MPs voted against the motion.
A surge of adrenaline shot through Lieberman as he thought: This is what I hoped for, this is what I dreamed about and, uh-oh , this is just the beginning of a long and grueling ordeal that can end who knows where.
But, uh-oh , it hits an unexpected pocket of big crystal filled ‘empty space’, which turns out to be a humongous geode floating in the murky mantle.
And I went uh-oh , they're going to test the hydrogen bomb.
But I've never, ever heard a sound like this before; it wasn't just the usual uh-oh nervous whine a dog makes during a bad dream, it was the canine equivalent of terror and utter sorrow.