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tyrol / Тироль
имя существительное
Tyrol, Tirol
имя существительное
an Alpine state in western Austria; capital, Innsbruck. The southern part was ceded to Italy after World War I.
What were worn for a long time only in an Alpine setting is now highly fashionable in the trouser department for ‘lowland Tyroleans .’
Ed is the first to acknowledge his debt to Tyrolean alpinists Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler, who pioneered the first oxygenless ascent of Everest, in 1978.
Dressed in native costume, they performed songs in Swiss and Tyrolese patois interspersed with occasional dances.
This confirmed my worst suspicions: she was spending more time carousing with Liz than skiing, charming snake-hipped Tyrolean ski instructors in woodsmoke-filled alpine bars.
The Tyrolese fled not at their presence.
It was, in fact, just inside Italy and the South Tyrolese were keen to have Otzi back.
Much has been done in many museums for German, English, Tyrolese , and what-not interiors.
There's folk music and Tyrolean dancing and a warm crowd of spectators to cheer you in as you skid to a halt at the bottom of the 7km ride.
The Alpine Glee Singer contains […] a rare selection of new and beautiful Swiss melodies, harmonized, [and many] Alpine and Tyrolese melodies and ranz des vaches.
And while Vail Village remains attractive enough in its ersatz Tyrolean fashion, the promised revamping of its Lionshead satellite, which looks tired, bleak and unwelcoming in comparison with more recent developments, is overdue.