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tyranny / тирания, тиранство, деспотизм
имя существительное
tyranny, rod
despotism, tyranny, autarchy, oppressive domination
имя существительное
cruel and oppressive government or rule.
people who survive war and escape tyranny
The only force powerful enough to stop the rise of tyranny and terror and replace hatred with hope is the force of human freedom.
Nowhere was it tried where tyranny , misery, poverty, fear and oppression failed to follow.
First, the secular, often state-capitalist, modernizing projects of the elites in the region became stalled in corruption, tyranny and cultural stagnation.
Knox preached on her behalf, and threatened popery and tyranny should Mary enforce her claim.
In our conflict with terror and tyranny , we have an unmatched advantage, a power that cannot be resisted, and that is the appeal of freedom to all mankind.
Was this association with tyranny and treachery the cause of Socrates' trial and conviction?
the tyranny of the nine-to-five day
And without freedom, order becomes only another name for tyranny .
Instead of opposing every civic expectation of religious faith, they might join religious activists in wielding faith as a counterweight to corporate tyranny .
You can only maintain a Roman Empire as a tyranny , with stupid people.