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tyrannize / тиранить, тиранствовать
tyrant, tyrannize, domineer
tyrannize, tyrant
rule or treat (someone) despotically or cruelly.
she tyrannized her family
The next question he had for me concerned who ‘they’ were and why I was allowing them to tyrannize me.
Antifederalists feared that a powerful national government might tyrannize the people and displace the important power of self-government they associated with state government.
It doesn't have any responsibility to make war to get rid of somebody who tyrannizes his own people.
And by the way, tyrannized people DO write about being trapped in language-games, or have you never read an East European novel?
Well I do think it's rather tyrannising us at the moment, certainly.
Though I wouldn't have been able to express it at the time, this story of the shy, ungraceful daughter tyrannized by a contemptuous father struck home, struck a chord in my home.
You have security, and no landlord could tyrannise you.
No hungry person ever pined for deconstruction; no tyrannised person ever felt they were trapped in a language game.
Tyrants should be left free to tyrannise their own people
The first of these two parts depicts a local hood who tyrannizes a family, until, having finally had enough, the family stands in unison against him.